Archives: November 2015

Mary Aloe Announces that Grodnik/Aloe Productions as Head of Film Production and Head of Producer Packaging for Studio

Mary Aloe is pleased to announce that my partner, Dan Grodnik, and I have been tapped to be head of packaging producing and film production for what will become the largest independent studio in the U.S. Although we will stay based in Los Angeles, we will be bringing all our productions to this studio! The studio itself is twice as big as Central Park and located in the great state of Georgia, where America’s healthiest tax credit is embracing one great film being produced there after another. Many studios were courting us, but with the high level executives in each position already, and that this is a public company with equity to finance and provide production services, it was hard to resist. We will be looking to finance and produce movies between $10M and $30M, along with the $5M and under in between the productions. There will be 10 sound stages, first one will be in March! Moon River Studios has already acquired a prop house, grip and lighting house etc. A post house is underway. We are grateful and humbled be part of such an amazing team!

Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment announces: Screen Media Buys Courtney Cox-Susan Sarandon’s ‘Mothers Day’ for U.S. | Variety

The story is focused on a rock photographer who is riding a career high when an unlikely and unexpected pregnancy forces her to turn her lens inward and see her relationship with her estranged mother with fresh eyes.  Through a series of photographs documenting motherhood in all its varieties, she considers what it means to be maternal at all.


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